How it works

immortal immortalctl immortaldir

immortal runs a command or script detached from the controlling terminal as a Unix daemon, it will supervise and restart the service if it has been terminated. The service can be controlled by querying a Unix socket “immortal.sock” (immortalctl), this allows to remotely have full control over the service if required by exposing the socket using a web server like Nginx.

immortal    - Starts and monitor a service
immortaldir - Directory to scan for services *.yml
immortalctl - Control existing services

In a nutshell, immortal is a command that runs forever an application or service. In most common cases immortal is called by imortaldir which searches for immortal configuration files run.yml and ideally starts at boot time in order to persist across reboots.

In some cases there is a need to “daemonize” a command but not to keep it persistent across reboots, for this cases immortal can be used directly with out the need of a configuration file or either no need to use immortaldir.

immortalctl still will show the status of existing processes besides been available to control them.


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