In some cases, you may not want to run a command forever, here is where the option -r / retries becomes useful.

This option normally is only used directly from the command line, for example:

immortal -w 60 -r 3 rsync -aHAXxv --numeric-ids --delete -P <src> [email protected]:/<dest>

In this case immortal will wait -w 60 seconds before starting and it will only try to run the command for 3 times after that it will exit.

Example using retries in a configuration file:

cmd: rsync -aHAXxv --numeric-ids --delete -P <src> [email protected]:/<dest>
    file: /tmp/rsync.log
wait: 60
retries: 3

by default retries is set to -1, runs forever, if set to 0 it will exit after terminating the process


Normally the configuration files run.yml are used with immortaldir(8), in this case the supervisor will not exit and instead will just avoid executing the command again, similar to the once option when using immortalctl(8).

To change this behavior and to exit the supervisor, set the environment variable IMMORTAL_EXIT:


If using immortaldir is not advised to set this environment var since may cause a start/stop loop

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